Teraherz and Materials Workshop

26th of April 2017 9:20am to 4:30pm

Thornton Science Park, University of Chester, CH2 4NU
About this Workshop

Significant progress has been made in developing reliable terahertz (THz) measurement spectroscopy. Very little systematic research has been done in exploring the intrinsic mechanisms between microstructure of materials and THz properties such as loss, permittivity and dispersion.

The workshop covers broad applications of THz technology in materials industries and provides opportunities for collaboration between academic staffs and industrial partners. We hope, that by bringing people together, we inspire new ideas and solutions for new functional THz materials or improvements to current materials research methods.

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About Thornton Science Park

About Thornton Science Park, University of Chester: Formerly Shell’s Thornton Research Centre and now known as Thornton Science Park, the University of Chester’s Thornton Campus was acquired in 2014 and is the home of the new Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The Science Park takes up an area of 66 acres and houses a range of laboratories, workshops and office and study spaces. The new Faculty occupies approximately 25% of the Science Park and is co-located with high-tech SMEs (30) to provide a unique eco-system for industrial and academic collaborations. The University of Chester has created the opportunity and environment to build a world-class innovation centre on its Thornton Campus and the Science Park will remain at the forefront of scientific research for years to come.